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የቅርብ ጊዜ መልዕክቶች 2

2024-04-02 19:00:26

check the launchpad:
Certicos provides a REAL-WORLD utility in the crypto space! Certicos is a Utility Token which enables users to create documents to sign, send and save, using the CERT crypto token!

All of this for a fraction of the cost of other legacy eSignature Document services.

Think of DocuSign but we use our own blockchain to send and store documents and the CERT token to power the eSignature service.

Learn more about the project:
Website :
Telegram :
Twitter :
Youtube :


English :

Chinese :

15.1K viewsKEROLOS KOK, 16:00
ክፈት / አስተያየት ይስጡ
2024-04-02 16:52:14 DOJACAT

Brought to you by the THE ᚱ⋃Ꮐ HUNTERS, We have created a group to identify low cap coins and run them up together, which could eliminate the possibility of losing money.

This is our first play, currently paying for calls and getting the dexscreener updated and trending at 20k mc
15.0K viewsKEROLOS1, 13:52
ክፈት / አስተያየት ይስጡ
2024-04-01 17:56:34
Exciting News: The Remarkable Potential of BASE Gem!

After a successful raise of over 2.5 ETH, $EEGGC has now been listed on Uniswap, marking an impressive 1000% increase from its pre-sale price. This brings us to the first price correction — an optimal buying opportunity for keen investors.

Token address: 0xBf1e5f05165fF3Ff0B5C81290DfaA80EB1933a34

For More Information:

Dive into the promising journey of $EEGGC and explore the potential it holds for the future!
15.6K viewsKEROLOS1, 14:56
ክፈት / አስተያየት ይስጡ
2024-04-01 17:31:41
Pepelosi ($PEPELOSI) is a memecoin built on the Solana blockchain. Our mission is the adoption of blockchain by everyone through memes in traditional media to reach the mainstream, this marketing actions will be financed with 5% of all supplies and the content and actions will be voted by community.

Where Insider Information it's a meme
Democratizing opportunity, Demystifying influence.

CA: hDJ55xoEYtXVmL1xu82y6yUGMsWj46aTAScgTHXerRB


Twitter (X):


80% Liquidity Pool Burned
100% Ownership Revoked
No Mintable 
5% Marketing
10% To Burn
5% Developers
0% Taxes

Burn program 
We have a duty to democratize access to the free and transparent market and grow the community.
Among the actions, it is considered to revalue Pepelosi and maintain its permanence in the decentralized market, we have set up a wallet with 10% of the supply destined to burn the token within a maximum period of two years.
Token burning dates:
March 25, 2025 5% will burn
March 25, 2026 5% will burn

Big News! #Pepelosi is launching an AIRDROP!

Get ready to catch your share of $PEPELOSI tokens! Join our community now and be part of our meteoric rise.

Complete quests here:
15.5K viewsKEROLOS1, 14:31
ክፈት / አስተያየት ይስጡ
2024-04-01 17:28:02
New 1000x Call : Miek Tysol

Building strong TG community
Very early and high potential
LP Burnt
Upcoming listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko
LIVE on Raydium and Jupiter

A real crypto gem leveraging the hype around Mike Tyson and the upcoming Jake Paul fight + Solana and memes

X :
Telegram :
Website :

Don't miss out on this one

CA: GiBvG4kKCt25aupwjX8qomCr5oxFFmmZGf77qyTHM4aG
15.6K viewsKEROLOS KOK, 14:28
ክፈት / አስተያየት ይስጡ
2024-03-31 22:23:00 $BEE

Community meme coin only 3 weeks old, with huge potential


15.1K viewsKEROLOS KOK, 19:23
ክፈት / አስተያየት ይስጡ
2024-03-31 16:21:55

Launching: 05:00 pm UTC 1st April 2024

A new Solana of 2024
BNB Based project
No Private Sale
No Team Token
No Presale
(No Team Token | No Hidden Token )
Contract Renounced
100% Liquidity Locked

Tax 10%:
-6% Marketing (Buyback, Add LP & Burn)
-4% Development and Philanthropy


15.1K viewsKEROLOS KOK, 13:21
ክፈት / አስተያየት ይስጡ
2024-03-30 21:25:06
.          BNB LION
Don't miss the biggest gem of the year!

BSC Vibes. Based Community. Moonshot

No Private Sale
No Team Token
No Presale
(No Team Token | No Hidden Token )
Contract Renounced
100% Liquidity Locked
Dev Delivered
10000x Gem
Fully Trusted Project
90℅ of supply will burn

Tax 10%:
-6% Marketing (Buyback, Add LP & Burn)
-4% Development and Philanthropy

Contract: (auto copy)

15.1K viewsKEROLOS KOK, 18:25
ክፈት / አስተያየት ይስጡ
2024-03-30 20:38:55
Ladybug, the luckiest token on Solana!




17.1K viewsKEROLOS1, 17:38
ክፈት / አስተያየት ይስጡ
2024-03-30 17:20:36
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15.0K viewsCRYPTO PROFIT (ADMIN), 14:20
ክፈት / አስተያየት ይስጡ